What we offer

Vacuum Tube Testing

  • We offer safe, accurate testing of your guitar amp, audio, and radio tubes and provide clear, actionable test results.  We get a little technical, but it's never Greek or Geek.

Vacuum Tube Matching

  • Send us your tubes to confirm they are indeed matched, or for us to match them up.  Important for preamp tubes, especially if you are recording.  Good for power output tubes, too, depending on the application.

Tube Sales

  • Tube sales is not the main focus with us, but we do keep a stock around of the most common replacement tubes, both new, near-new, and used.  All of them test great, and we provide the data.  Some are matched.  Check our inventory.

Fast Turn-Around & $4 Flat-Rate Shipping (lower 48 states)

  • We take our time testing your tubes, but after that we don't mess around. Your tubes are on their way back to you the day after we receive them for $4 flat-rate shipping, with a tracking number!

Top-Notch Testers

  • We use a modern Amplitrex AT1000 and an updated and calibrated vintage Triplett 3444.  It's a very good setup.  There is no one perfect tube tester, but these two make a great team.  We save the Triplett for any tubes the Amplitrex cannot test, which is not many, or for confirmation if ever needed.

Adherence to Standards

  • Whenever possible, we adhere to industry standards, although regrettably there are not many for tube testing.  We avoid terms like "strong" and "good."  They are great words for some stuff, but not for objective tube testing.  We apply numbers whenever we can, and specify your test parameters and results.